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Boston Green Mayoral Forum
by Shanice Wallace

Shanice Wallace is a Posse Scholar working at CLF as a summer intern.  As more people are aware and involved in addressing environmental issues, the fight for a greener Boston becomes a shared Bostonian concern. Mayor Menino soon will be leaving Boston after 20 years. More than my entire lifetime!  During that time, he has…

Community Process for Urban Agriculture Rezoning in Boston Begins
by Evan Coleman

Urban agriculture is taking off in Boston, from neighborhood gardens and markets to City Hall. Since January 2012, staff from Boston Mayor Menino’s office, along with a number of farming advocates, urban agriculture experts, and neighborhood representatives have met monthly to draft a new section of the Boston Zoning Code, Article 89.  Article 89 addresses…

Air Quality Alerts; What You Can Do About Them
by Caitlin Peale Sloan

The heat is here! Even though it’s technically still spring until late June, it feels as though summer has already come to stay in southern New England. While we New Englanders pride ourselves on being able to handle all kinds of weather, the health risks posed by poor air quality shouldn’t be ignored. On a…

Earth Day: An Opportunity to Pause and Heal
by John Kassel

In the Boston area we are grieving, and we are rattled. The shocking events of last week have taken their toll on all of us. They have been devastating for the families and friends of those killed and injured.  We are relieved and grateful, but underneath we are in some pain. We all need to…

Building Smart(er) in Boston
by Seth Kaplan

In 1998 and 1999 CLF played a key role in a coalition that stopped a proposed development that would have placed a large tower on top of the Massachusetts Turnpike.  That proposal was not coordinated at all with larger plans for building on “air rights” over the MassPike (as it is known) and threatened to…

Preparing for the Rising Tide – Across New England
by Seth Kaplan

The Boston Harbor Association has a powerful message about the very real threat of sea level rise driven by global warming.  Their report, “Preparing for the Rising Tide”, is a dramatic wake-up call about the fundamental threat to the historic and economic heart of Boston. The report starts with very solid science that shows how…

Risky Business: Leaking Natural Gas Infrastructure and How to Fix It
by Shanna Cleveland

On the day after Thanksgiving, an explosion shook the City of Springfield. A natural gas pipeline leak led to the explosion that injured eighteen people and brought down two buildings. The details behind the cause of this explosion are still being pieced together, but once again, public confidence has been shaken in the pipeline system that is supposed to transport natural gas safely and reliably to homes, businesses and institutions throughout the nation. Today, CLF is releasing a report on the importance of addressing problems with our aging, leaky natural gas infrastructure. (You can download a free copy of that report here.)

Actually, We Don’t Love “Dirty Water”
by Anthony Iarrapino

Wikipedia describes the Standells’ 1965 classic “Dirty Water” as “a mock paean to the city of Boston and its then-famously polluted Boston Harbor and Charles River.” Though fans of local sports teams have embraced the song that plays so often over stadium loud speakers, most people would agree that they’d rather not have their capitol…