More (Or Less) Road Salt
by Emily Long

Less than a week after I posted my blog post about the environmental and health problems associated with road salt, the Boston Globe published an article about de-icing alternatives some Massachusetts communities are turning to.

Bridging the gap between walkers, bikers, riders and drivers on Longfellow Bridge
by Rafael Mares

Boston’s iconic Longfellow Bridge serves as a poster child for public transit. Every few minutes, the bridge transports Red Line commuters between Boston and Cambridge, affording its passengers a breathtaking view of the Charles River and Boston skyline– and the parallel lanes of bumper-to-bumper vehicle traffic that the speeding train leaves in its wake. While that’s a positive situation for MBTA riders, it’s a dangerous one for the rest of the city’s commuters who don’t cross the bridge by car– cyclists and pedestrians.

The View from the Corner Office
by Cynthia Liebman

The view from the corner office at CLF Boston is not always glamorous. For the past few days, the sights and sounds outside our building on Summer Street have been dominated by environmental remediation trucks.

Caution: Bad Air Quality Ahead
by Shanna Cleveland

Hotter Temperatures More than Doubled Smog Days in New England On October 1, the EPA announced that the number of bad air quality days increased from 11 last year to 28 in 2010.  These are also known as “high ozone days” and are triggered when ozone levels exceed the standards EPA has set to protect…

Taking the “T” to the Next Level: Solutions for Funding Boston’s Public Transit System
by Conservation Law Foundation

Taking the “T” to the Next Level: Solutions for Funding Boston’s Public Transit System Remarks by James A. Aloisi, Jr. Former Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Discussion to Follow Wednesday, February 24, 2010 8:00 AM – Welcome Breakfast 8:30 AM – Presentation begins Federal Reserve Building 600 Atlantic Avenue Boston, MA 02210 NOTE: you must present photo…