Healthy Cities are for Walkers; Walkers for Healthy Cities
by John Kassel

This is a scene in Cambridge, MA, last Friday morning during the nor’easter that passed through late last week. From this photo I ask you: Who ranks in Cambridge, drivers or pedestrians? In fairness to the hardworking snowplow drivers, municipal employees and property owners – this was in the middle of a storm, we’re all…

Biking More, Driving Less, in Portland, Maine
by Sean Mahoney

I felt like thumping my chest last week after reading an article in the Portland Press Herald about the decline in the number of cars registered here in Portland and the increasing number of people who are getting to and from work by bus, bike or foot. Ours is a small office (4 full time…

Bridging the gap between walkers, bikers, riders and drivers on Longfellow Bridge
by Rafael Mares

Boston’s iconic Longfellow Bridge serves as a poster child for public transit. Every few minutes, the bridge transports Red Line commuters between Boston and Cambridge, affording its passengers a breathtaking view of the Charles River and Boston skyline– and the parallel lanes of bumper-to-bumper vehicle traffic that the speeding train leaves in its wake. While that’s a positive situation for MBTA riders, it’s a dangerous one for the rest of the city’s commuters who don’t cross the bridge by car– cyclists and pedestrians.