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Clean Water Act

State of the Union: Our Messy Federalism
by John Kassel

At a time when our governors and our President were preparing to address their constituents, CLF was (and is) making news – news that raises a series of enduring questions: In our country, where is the line between federal and state authority? How clear is it? Who gets to draw it? Why would you draw it in one place instead of another?

Failure to Act: Letter to Patricia Aho, Commissioner Maine DEP
by Sean Mahoney

Sometimes, the failure to act is as harmful as an act itself. Yesterday, I sent a letter to Patricia Aho, Commissioner of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, whose recent failure to act on water certification standards for Flagstaff Lake has resulted in the state losing its ability to have any say in the matter for the next 25 years. You can access a copy of that letter here, or read it in full below.

Proposed Upper Blackstone Delays: Unnecessary & Damaging
by Tricia Jedele

On November 15, 2011, CLF led a coalition of 14 other environmental groups in sending a letter to the United States Environmental Protection Agency that called for swift implementation of permit controls at a Massachusetts facility that is discharging directly into the Blackstone River. The coalition letter was written in response to a July 20,…

Shark Week Series: Risk and Fear
by Robin Just

Many rational people are very afraid of sharks. We can tell ourselves that the odds of attack are extremely low, especially in New England, but the primal image of the gaping maw and jagged teeth is hard to drive away with logic.