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Vermont Yankee – Worth More Dead than Alive
by Sandy Levine

The financial world is waking up to what a drag Vermont Yankee really is. The tired, old and leaking nuclear plant in Vermont is not carrying its weight. Financial analysts report that Vermont Yankee is economically vulnerable and a retirement announcement would boost stock prices for its parent, Entergy. You can read the UBS Investment…

Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air
by Sandy Levine

Cleaner cars are on the way. In an important step for climate change and air pollution, Vermont is updating its vehicle air emission rules so we can all have cleaner cars and breathe easier. The rule follows California’s standards and reduces the allowed emissions and greenhouse gases from cars beginning with the 2015 car models. The…

Public gets its say on Lake Champlain cleanup plan
by Louis Porter

Starting tomorrow, those concerned about Lake Champlain and interested in helping outline how to deal with nutrient pollution threatening its future will have a chance to make their opinions heard. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with the help of Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation, is in the process of re-writing the Lake Champlain Phosphorous Total…

Crude Politics
by Winston Vaughan

With gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon, many New Englanders are rightfully asking why we’re paying so much at the pump.

The Wheels on the Bus go ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!
by Jane West

Let’s say you are a state agency tasked with making a tough choice on how to spend your money. Your options are:
a. Spend $150 million on widening 9 miles of highway despite the fact that volume has waned;
b. Spend $56 million on building another toll booth;
c. Spend $3.8 million on expanding an existing, highly successful bus service that will benefit thousands of commuters.