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New Leak, New Lies at Vermont Yankee?
by Sandy Levine

Just days after Vermont regulators concluded hearings on its investigation of leaks at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power facility, there are reports of more tritium pollution in the groundwater.

The Wheels on the Bus go ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!
by Jane West

Let’s say you are a state agency tasked with making a tough choice on how to spend your money. Your options are:
a. Spend $150 million on widening 9 miles of highway despite the fact that volume has waned;
b. Spend $56 million on building another toll booth;
c. Spend $3.8 million on expanding an existing, highly successful bus service that will benefit thousands of commuters.

More lies and more pollution at Vermont Yankee
by Sandy Levine

There is no surprise that tritum has reached the drinking water aquifer at Vermont Yankee.  The claimed surprise by both Vermont Yankee officials and state officials cannot be genuine.   In June, CLF filed testimony stating:  “every indication is that the bedrock is, or soon will be, contaminated by tritium.”  CLF’s expert hydrogeologist reviewed Vermont Yankee’s groundwater data and analysis…