Brayton Point Retirement Means Game Over for Coal in New England
by N. Jonathan Peress

Last week, Conservation Law Foundation and its allies cheered the news that New England’s largest coal plant, Brayton Point Station in Somerset, Massachusetts, will shut down by 2017. Brayton Point has loomed over Somerset and neighboring environmental justice communities on the South Shore for nearly 50 years, belching pollution into the air and destroying wildlife…

The Missing Fine Print in Northern Pass Clean Air Propaganda
by Tom Irwin

In a full-page advertisement in yesterday’s Concord Monitor, PSNH takes its greenwashing of the Northern Pass project to new heights of hypocrisy, this time not only continuing to tout the project’s unsubstantiated climate benefits, but splashing across the page, in large letters: “BREATHE DEEPLY, GRANDKIDS.” In some respects, today’s advertisement is just the latest in…

New Campaign Promotes Electricity Supply Competition in NH
by Karen Wood

Hardly a day goes by at CLF that we don’t think about how to describe the work we do more simply and clearly. The issues we work on are complicated; the solutions often complex and nuanced. But the need to help people understand our role and theirs in protecting New England’s environment is critical to…

EPA Must Follow the Law, Set Rules for Power Plants
by Max Greene

While harm from climate change becomes more apparent every day, EPA is dragging its feet in setting much-needed limitations on greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants. This failure is a plain violation of the Clean Air Act. So CLF recently took the first step to spur EPA into action. Working with attorneys at Clean…

Energy: Out with the Dirty, In with the Clean
by Sandy Levine

Come join Conservation Law Foundation and our allies THIS SATURDAY in Burlington, Vermont for a discussion on Vermont’s Energy Choices. Vermont’s Energy Choices: Old Dirty Problems and Clean Energy Solutions Saturday, April 27th, 1:30 PM at the Billings Auditorium at UVM in Burlington The time is NOW to move away from dirty sources of energy…

Familiar Cautionary Tale Unfolding at Mt. Tom
by Shanna Cleveland

A familiar story appears to be unfolding at the Mt. Tom coal plant in Holyoke, Massachusetts. According to recently released documents, the owner submitted what is known as a Dynamic Delist Bid with ISO New England (ISO-NE), the operator of the New England electricity system and markets, and ISO-NE accepted the bid. This means that…

Dark Days Ahead: The Financial Future of Brayton Point
by Shanna Cleveland

Just how much financial trouble is Dominion facing at its 50-year old coal and oil-fired power plant? The prospects are bleak and looking worse. For years, people have assumed that the largest coal-fired power plant in New England could weather any storm, but the numbers show that Brayton Point is facing dark days, and the…

“Forward on Climate” Movement, Fully Ready, Leaves Station
by John Kassel

“People get ready, there’s a train a-comin’.”  Curtis Mayfield. Before 50,000 committed supporters, from many states and nations and braving frigid wind-chill temps, Bill McKibben announced on Sunday that all of the work he has done for the last 25 years has been in hopeful anticipation of that moment. The moment when the Climate Movement…

How New Hampshire Can Stay Above Water with PSNH’s Dirty Coal Plants Sinking Fast
by Christophe Courchesne

Earlier this week, the Concord Monitor published a must-read editorial addressing PSNH’s future. Much like an earlier widely-printed op-ed on the subject, the editorial correctly describes the PSNH death spiral of escalating costs, fleeing customers, and dirty inefficient power plants kept alive by massive ratepayer subsidies. The editorial also points out one key reason why…