community development

It’s Time for New Zoning Laws in Massachusetts
by Veronica Eady

Zoning laws are a blueprint for where development should and shouldn’t go. Unfortunately for Massachusetts, our outdated zoning laws are quietly crippling our economy, health, and environment. It’s been well over 40 years since our zoning law was updated, driving up our housing prices in Boston area by nearly 20 percent and leading to a…

Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST) Submits Bill Request to 125th Legislature
by Claire Morgenstern

The Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST), a statewide coalition of which CLF is a member, has submitted a proposal to increase commuter transit options, reduce household expenditures on gasoline and diesel, increase employment opportunities and productivity and reduce government expenditures by expanding the routes of the highly-successful ZOOM Turnpike Express bus services along the Maine Turnpike corridor. The program would also establish a fund for the improved maintenance of Maine’s roadways.

Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance solicits proposals for innovative program to improve neighborhoods in greater Boston
by Conservation Law Foundation

What would make your neighborhood great? Is it more jobs, better transportation choices, diverse housing opportunities, improved access to open spaces like parks and playgrounds? The Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance (MSGA) Great Neighborhoods program wants to help turn your community’s dreams into reality. The MSGA is looking to partner with community groups to develop initiatives…