Conservation Matters

Conservation Matters Fall 2012

Cleaning Boston’s Water: CLF’s Landmark Settlement… On the Anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene: The Untold Stories of What Went Right… Five Questions for: Jenny Rushlow, Staff Attorney, Massachusetts CLF

Conservation Matters Summer 2012

New England Ocean Odyssey: A journey beneath New England’s waves… Treasure on Cashes Ledge: An ocean refuge in need of protection… Five Questions for Brian Skerry, National Geographic photographer… Why I Give: Phill Hoff: Why the former Governor of Vermont supports CLF.

Conservation Matters Spring 2012

Regional Ocean Planning: Giving everyone a seat at the table… Holding Government to Account: Empowering citizens and ensuring clean water… Canadian Hydropower for New England? Awash in promises, as promises dry up… Sustainable Agriculture: Growing a vibrant New England.Face to Face With New England’s Environmental Stewards

Conservation Matters Winter 2012

Everybody’s Movement: Environmental Justice Across New England… Progress Report: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Results Are In… Giving Wisely: John Hammond… Five Questions for: Christophe Courchesne

Conservation Matters Fall 2011

A Region in Transition: Getting our Energy Future “Right”… Power Play: New England’s Electric System’s Future Looks Bright… Rhode Island Gives Renewables a Boost: New Laws Open Doors for Developers of All Sizes… Five Questions for: Melissa Hoffer, VP, Healthy Communities and Environmental Justice

Conservation Matters Summer 2011

Ocean Wealth vs. Ocean Health: Planning a Sustainable Future for New England’s Ocean Waters… Progress Report: Stopping Stormwater Pollution at the Source… Finally, CLF Gets MassHighway to Clean Up Its Act… Why I Give to CLF: Honor Passow… Five Questions for… Jane West

Conservation Matters Spring 2011: State of the Region

Fisheries Management: Building healthier fish populations and thriving coastal communities… Nutrient Pollution: Restoring New England’s waters to health… Public Transportation: Accelerating toward better transportation… Coal-free New England: Making way for the region’s clean energy future… CLF Ventures: Work in the Public Sector

Announcing the Winter 2010/11 issue of Conservation Matters
by Claire Morgenstern

Learn about CLF’s targeted coal plant advocacy with the launch of the Coal-free New England campaign. Find out how CLF is working with Restore America’s Estuaries and local residents to bring New England’s waterways back to health. Hear from new CLF Ventures CEO Jo Anne Shatkin on what’s next for Ventures. And get the lowdown on our new look from CLF President John Kassel. The new issue of Conservation Matters is here.