More (Or Less) Road Salt
by Emily Long

Less than a week after I posted my blog post about the environmental and health problems associated with road salt, the Boston Globe published an article about de-icing alternatives some Massachusetts communities are turning to.

The Wheels on the Bus go ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!
by Jane West

Let’s say you are a state agency tasked with making a tough choice on how to spend your money. Your options are:
a. Spend $150 million on widening 9 miles of highway despite the fact that volume has waned;
b. Spend $56 million on building another toll booth;
c. Spend $3.8 million on expanding an existing, highly successful bus service that will benefit thousands of commuters.

CLF Intervenes in Northern Pass Transmission Proceeding
by Conservation Law Foundation

CLF intervened today in proceedings regarding the proposed Northern Pass electricity supply and transmission project in New Hampshire. The project, which involves creating 180 miles of new transmission lines in the state and installing new transmission infrastructure in the White Mountain National Forest, is intended to import 1,200 megawatts (MW) of electricity generated in Canada by Hydro-Quebec, the Canadian public utility.

The Girl Who Loved the Eagle Nest
by Jane West

Recent headlines over a strategically thinking Bald Eagle in Wiscasset brought a wry smile to my face because this bird somehow managed to undo what dozens of fiscally prudent Mainers have been unable to do for the last decade: stop the DOT. It is only with a modicum of irony that it took the American…

Washington fails us . . .
by Seth Kaplan

The news from the Nation’s Capitol is bleak. The United States Senate will not consider anything remotely like comprehensive energy and climate legislation before its August recess. While it is good that they will be looking at legislation to address oil spills and laudable energy efficiency efforts like HomeStar the decision to not address the…

[Political] Party at the Old South Meeting House — actually, four of them
by Samantha Caravello

Last night, in keeping with the long and rich tradition of Massachusetts political debate, the candidates in this fall’s gubernatorial election appeared at Boston’s Old South Meeting House to discuss the most pressing environmental issues facing the Commonwealth. Several hundred people attended the Gubernatorial Forum on Energy and the Environment, which was sponsored by CLF…