Environmental Protection Agency

Rochester and Dover Jeopardize the Great Bay’s Recovery
by Peter Wellenberger

In a move that will further delay progress cleaning up the Great Bay estuary, the Cities of Rochester and Dover, NH, have appealed a critical permit recently issued by the EPA to address the mounting problem of nitrogen pollution in the Great Bay estuary. Whose permit did they appeal? Incredibly, Rochester and Dover are expending…

Alewives in Maine Make Headway on the St. Croix
by Sean Mahoney

Pressure is building to reopen the St. Croix River to the alewife, a critical forage fish. Today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a letter adopting the recommendations made in our lawsuit seeking to restore alewives, a key forage and bait fish, to the St. Croix River.

Proposed Upper Blackstone Delays: Unnecessary & Damaging
by Tricia Jedele

On November 15, 2011, CLF led a coalition of 14 other environmental groups in sending a letter to the United States Environmental Protection Agency that called for swift implementation of permit controls at a Massachusetts facility that is discharging directly into the Blackstone River. The coalition letter was written in response to a July 20,…