Fish Ladder

Summer in Maine, Thanks to CLF
by CLF Maine staff

It’s finally summer in Maine – and that means lots of opportunities to get outside and enjoy everything from whale watching, to fishing, to visiting our local farmers’ markets. CLF works every day to protect the things we all love about these long, hot days in Vacationland – not only because of the opportunities for…

CLF Continues Working to Restore Native River Herring to New England’s Coastal Rivers
by Emily Green

Every year, alewives and blueback herring return to their native waters to spawn. But thousands of dams have cut these fish off from thousands of acres of freshwater bodies, thwarting reproductive cycles that had been ongoing for eons. The impact of these dams, on top of threats from pollution and overfishing, have led to a drastic decline in river herring populations –  threatening their survival.

Fish Ladders – A Step Up But Not Always Over
by Sean Mahoney

Fish ladders and elevators “aren’t working like they’re supposed to, and fish aren’t making it to where they need to go.” So began a recent article in Science magazine. In many cases this assertion is spot on – but in others, fish passages have been remarkably successful. Maine has examples of both. To find a…