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The Holidays Come Early? FDA Revises Draft Food Safety Rules
by Ben Tettlebaum

CLF, sustainable agriculture organizations, and farmers and food businesses across the country can finally open the gift FDA presented just before the holidays last year. As explained, thanks to tens of thousands of comments, FDA announced last December that it would revise the most onerous provisions of two Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules — the…

Why Proposed Food Safety Rules Could Hurt New England Farms
by Jenny Rushlow

Small farms are part of the fabric of New England, and now – perhaps more than ever – consumers are devoted to supporting local agriculture in our region.  Unfortunately, some proposed federal regulations do not reflect these local values.  The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed new food safety rules  impose confusing and cumbersome restrictions…

Healthy Milk at What Price?
by Ivy Frignoca

Each year contaminated food sickens 48 million Americans and causes 3,000 deaths.  As the recent federal sequester highlights, Americans depend on programs that inspect food to ensure a safe food supply.  Unfortunately for those who run small farms in New England, the costs of complying with the confusing jumble of federal and state food safety…