Freedom of Information Act

CLF Appeals Withholding of Public Records on Regional Energy Plans
by Sandy Levine

Conservation Law Foundation filed appeals in Vermont and Massachusetts regarding the withholding of public documents about the development of the New England Governors’ regional energy plans, which include gas pipeline and hydropower projects. CLF requested these documents in March to bring transparency to the process surrounding the Governors’ plans, which to date have been shrouded…

Documents Reveal Governors’ Gas and Hydropower Plan Shaped by Industry and Incomplete Analysis
by Christophe Courchesne

In January, the New England Governors announced a plan to finance new gas pipelines and electric transmission lines across the region with billions of dollars in funding from residents and businesses. In an effort to bring transparency to the process that led to and continues to inform the Governors’ plan, in March, Conservation Law Foundation…

CLF Files Freedom of Information Requests Seeking to Bring Transparency to the Regional Energy Strategy of the New England Governors
by Seth Kaplan

See the first set of documents we have received in response to our public records requests and our briefing of our findings, available here. Today (March 19, 2014) CLF filed Public Records requests with State Agencies across New England and with the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE) that is acting on behalf of…