May 10, 2019

Maine Governor Janet Mills Walks the Walk on Climate Change

Maine just took a big step forward on climate. Last week, Governor Janet Mills announced a bill that could make significant progress toward addressing our climate crisis by drastically reducing climate-damaging emissions while growing our state’s economy.

Maine Governor Janet Mills announces sweeping climate bill.
Mar 05, 2019

Maine Is (Finally) Poised to Act on Climate Change

CLF’s top priority this session is an important climate bill, An Act to Limit Greenhouse Gas Pollution and Effectively Use Maine’s Natural Resources (LD 797). This bill would ensure that Maine takes action to cut carbon pollution and fight climate change, protecting families and businesses in the state from the worst effects of climate catastrophe while growing Maine’s economy.

Maine is poised to act on climate
Dec 05, 2018

New Governor Could Make Maine a Climate Leader

With the election of Attorney General Janet Mills, Maine has the chance to reverse the harmful LePage administration anti-environment policies and commit to a broad framework for tackling climate change.

Maine is poised to act on climate