Great Bay Waterkeeper

Environmental Appeals Board Affirms Newmarket Clean Water Act Permit
by Jeff Barnum

As we have reported in the past, reducing nitrogen pollution from sewage treatment plants is an essential and urgently needed step toward restoring the health of the Great Bay estuary. I’m pleased to report an important decision that will keep the estuary on the path to recovery: the Environmental Appeals Board’s affirmation of a Clean…

Stay Informed and Subscribe to Great Bay Currents
by Peter Wellenberger

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new e-newsletter – Great Bay Currents. As the Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper, my goal is to build a stronger public voice for protecting the Great Bay estuary and for meaningful and immediate actions to address the threats facing this remarkable natural treasure. To accomplish this goal, I…

Talking Eelgrass
by Robin Just

When we talk about fish, it’s good to remember that they not only come from somewhere but that that somewhere makes the fish. Habitat is essential; without it even many migratory fish won’t have a place to call home. Many North Atlantic fish spend an important part of their life cycles in coastal eelgrass habitat, and eelgrass is declining.