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Restore New England’s Coastal Fisheries
by Peter Shelley

Once, large predatory cod and other fish were found close to shore in every embayment in New England chowing down on the plentiful runs of river herring and shad that ran in and out of New England’s rivers. Now, famous fisheries in places like Penobscot Bay are gone and have been gone for 50 years or more, despite virtually no commercial finfish fishing during that time. Rebuilding these inshore fisheries will be a long process, but we can start by restoring critical habitat for their prey species.

Waves of Change: Making a Dam Plan for Fish Habitat
by Hannah Dean

An engineer, a politician, and a fish walk into a dam. The engineer says, “We could have built it bigger.” The politician says, “We should have built it cheaper.” Fish don’t talk, but if they did, they probably would have asked for a ladder. Dams were built in the 18th century to power mills, and…

Talking Eelgrass
by Robin Just

When we talk about fish, it’s good to remember that they not only come from somewhere but that that somewhere makes the fish. Habitat is essential; without it even many migratory fish won’t have a place to call home. Many North Atlantic fish spend an important part of their life cycles in coastal eelgrass habitat, and eelgrass is declining.