Everything You Know Is Wrong: Growing the Economy Without Growing Electricity (and Energy) Demand
by Seth Kaplan

Back in the 1970’s the satirical and surreal Firesign Theater proclaimed that “Everything You Know is Wrong.” At the intersection of energy and economics, that absurdist assertion is a increasingly obvious reality that advocates, policy makers and industry must embrace. Throughout history, there are moments when prior assumptions and core beliefs have simply stopped being…

Bringing Efficiency to the Natural Gas Niche
by John Kassel

My wife and I just moved into a new (to us) apartment in Cambridge and, as is often the case, were faced with a hodge-podge of leftover light bulbs in the fixtures – some too dim, some too bright and glaring, some dead. All were incandescents. New bulbs went on my shopping list. Much to…

The “New Route” for Northern Pass Won’t Cure Its Failings
by Christophe Courchesne

This summer, New Hampshire is bracing for news of the Northern Pass project’s future and its “new route.” It’s now been nearly a year since the federal permitting process for the Northern Pass project was put on indefinite hold. North of Groveton, New Hampshire, the developer – Northern Pass Transmission LLC (NPT) – is still…

Salem Harbor Enforced Shutdown: The Beginning of the End for Old Coal in New England
by N. Jonathan Peress

This week the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) and HealthLink secured an Order from the US District Court in Massachusetts requiring Salem Harbor power plant owner Dominion to shut down all four units at the 60-year-old coal-fired power plant by 2014. In bringing a clear end to the prolonged decline of Salem Harbor Station, this settlement ushers in a new era of clean air, clean water and clean energy for the community of Salem, MA, and for New England as a whole.

In Dominion’s Own Words: Salem Harbor Will Shut Down Within Five Years
by Shanna Cleveland

It may come as no surprise that Dominion Energy ‘s spokespeople don’t want to admit that Dominion’s  recent moves to “delist” Salem Harbor Station are signs that Dominion plans to shut the plant down (read recent statements here and here).  Dominion has been spinning stories about the plant to local audiences for years.  But apparently,…