Sep 13, 2019

Merrimack Gas Explosions: A Tragic Byproduct of Natural Gas

UPDATE: It’s the one-year anniversary of the Merrimack Valley gas explosion, and communities are still recovering from the disaster. It’s a stark reminder that we need to prioritize the health and safety of our communities, which means getting off dirty gas. Our aging gas infrastructure is expensive, leaky, and dangerous. We have cleaner, safer alternatives like electric stoves and hot water heaters ready to go. It’s time to swap out polluting gas for clean energy that doesn’t run the risk of exploding.

natural gas is a potentially dangerous fossil fuel
Jun 09, 2017

Corporate Neglect in MA: The Fight For Historic Canal Restoration in Lawrence

The corporation responsible for the upkeep of the Lawrence canals neglected its responsibility to its community neighbors by allowing the canals to fall into decay and disrepair. The company’s obligation to keep the canals in good working order is also a legal one – it’s a requirement of the federal license it received to run its hydroelectric plant in 1978. It’s time they stop violating that license.

Photo: Lawrence MA Great Stone Dam
Jun 08, 2017

Corporate Neglect in MA: Company Running the Lawrence Canals Won’t Clean Up Its Mess

CLF is working with partners in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to save the city’s historic canals from decades of neglect and decay. The goal: to transform North and South Canals and the surrounding areas from an environmental burden into community assets so that they can help rather than hinder economic development in the struggling city.

South Canal in Lawrence, Massachusetts