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Turn Off the Gas
by Laurie O'Reilly

Every November, as the days get shorter and the air chillier, Greg Cunningham braces himself for what’s to come. But it’s not the raw Maine winter he’s preparing for; it’s the annual outcry from utility companies and the gas industry calling for more pipelines and power plants in New England. As head of CLF’s Clean…

Frigid Temperatures? Not a Problem in New England
by David Ismay

Late last week, temperatures across New England plunged into the single digits for almost three days straight. Through the entire cold snap, our energy prices were at record lows, we didn’t resort to burning oil, and there was no hint of the “rolling blackouts” threatened by the fearmongering gas pipeline lobby. What a difference a…

New England’s Big Pipeline Myth
by Greg Cunningham

For three years now, Big Gas has been spinning tall tales aimed at scaring you and me – and especially our local politicans – into locking in our addiction to dirty, polluting natural gas for decades to come. But their hype ignores the facts and the very real progress made over the past few years to avoid price spikes, keep the lights on, and tamp down our emissions of climate-damaging pollution.

The Alternatives to New Natural Gas Pipelines
by Caitlin Peale Sloan

Now that we’ve made it through the winter, policymakers in Massachusetts are taking a look at the state of energy in the Commonwealth and trying to sort out what to do about the big energy policy questions currently on the table. First among these questions is what, if any, public policy support and funding should…

The Last Remaining LNG Site: Passamaquoddy Bay, Maine
by Sean Mahoney

For some reason, the folks behind the last remaining proposed LNG import facility on the East Coast, Downeast LNG, are still pursuing their license from FERC to build a liquefied natural gas terminal on the shores of Passamaquoddy Bay here in Maine. And even more perplexing, FERC is still willing to spend time and resources…

Calais LNG Update: Goldman Sachs Bows Out of Project
by Becky Lipson

Last Wednesday, Calais LNG delivered its second major surprise in just two weeks.  After stunning all parties by asking the Board of Environmental Protection for a last minute hearing postponement, Calais LNG announced on July 21 that its financial backer, GS Power Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, was in the process of “selling…

BEP Postpones Hearings on Calais LNG Facility: CLF Speculates on Why
by Becky Lipson

After months of political and legal muscle flexing to bully the Board of Environmental Protection into setting an extremely aggressive hearing schedule, the proponents of a liquefied natural gas import and regasification industrial facility on the shores of Passamaquoddy Bay sought and obtained a last minute postponement.  Why? The official story is that the BEP…