Can New England and Canada Achieve ‘Frenergy’?
by John Kassel

Against a backdrop of protesters vehemently opposing bad proposals to bring energy from Canada into New England, governors from the six New England states this week demonstrated their commitment to a clean energy future for our region. They resolved to pool their buying power, regionally, for renewable energy. This will boost wind and solar energy, among other clean sources, at the best available price—a much-needed step on our path to affordable renewable energy and independence from dirty fossil fuels.

How Local Can You Go?
by Ruth Price

“Local” has become a new buzz word in America but what does it really mean, and why should we get on board? The reality is that within our own lifetimes we will witness the end of cheap oil and will have to learn to get by with less, whether we want to or not. In an attempt to practice just that, I planted a 600 sq. foot vegetable garden on some family property last year and found it to be very rewarding.

What Single-Celled Diatoms Know That We Can’t Seem To Take Seriously
by Peter Shelley

A recent scientific article from four Maine ocean scientists reminded me of a not-very-good environmental joke. An archangel was reporting to God all the terrible things that humans had done to the earth’s environment. God listened patiently as the list expanded, interjecting regularly that the archangel was not to worry; these events had all been anticipated. But when the angel reported that there was now a hole in the ozone layer, God bolted upright in shock: “I told them not to mess with the ozone layer!”

More Tarzan, Less Tar Sands
by Sandy Levine

Moving to a clean energy future means keeping the dirty stuff out. If you are cleaning house in a dust storm, the first thing you do is close the door.  Environmental groups gathered to show the need to close the door in New England on tar sands oil – the dirtiest of dirty oil. We…

This Week on – June 4-8
by Emily Long

This week on the third part in an interview series with a NOAA fisheries biologist Mike Palmer; CLF filed a lawsuit against the EPA to restore alewives to the St. Croix River; and a weekly roundup of interesting fish news.