3 Things No One is Telling You About Rising Energy Costs
by Shanna Cleveland

Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s first White House chief of staff, was once quoted as saying “You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste,” referring to the opportunities to pass sweeping bills in the wake of the 2008 financial meltdown. Over the past weeks, we’ve seen that sentiment put into practice by some…

Transportation for Massachusetts Coalition Releases Progress Report on Transportation Finance Act of 2013
by Rafael Mares

A new report released today by Transportation for Massachusetts and co-authored by CLF Staff Attorney Rafael Mares evaluates the implementation of the Transportation Finance Act of 2013 since its passage last July. The report is the first in a series of planned progress reports aimed at ensuring the new law’s success at addressing the most…

Groundbreaking Settlement Reached on Salem Natural Gas Facility
by Laurie O'Reilly

In a groundbreaking settlement with Footprint Power on its proposed natural gas facility in Salem, MA, the plant developers agreed to emissions limits and a future shutdown date to comply with Massachusetts mandates. The settlement ensures that, for the first time ever, a proposed natural-gas-fired plant must comply with conditions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and…

Sensible Thoughts About the Proposed Salem MA Gas-Fired Power Plant
by Seth Kaplan

The editorial page of the Boston Globe today weighed in on the natural gas-fired power plant that a New Jersey–based company (Footprint Power) is seeking to build in Salem, Massachusetts. The whole editorial is well worth reading – but the final three paragraphs are particularly striking: Footprint CEO Peter Furniss says the plant will start…

Dismantling the Latest Legal Delays in the Fight for Cape Wind
by Jerry Elmer

The new year has brought more of the same when it comes to the decade-long battle over the Cape Wind offshore wind energy project proposed to be built in federal waters off the coast of Massachusetts. While Europe continues to leap forward with deployment of offshore wind – tapping into this resource’s unparalleled capacity to…

Boston Community Process for Urban Agriculture Rezoning Underway
by Evan Coleman

Since I last checked in, the comment period for Article 89 in Boston began and is now well underway. Article 89 is a proposed new section of the Boston zoning code that encourages and creates opportunities for commercial urban agriculture citywide. This is an important first step to expanding urban agriculture, and CLF is excited about…