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Unprecedented Attack on Nation’s Ocean Lurks in Congress
by Jennifer Felt

A slew of bills under debate in Congress would endanger our marine life and ocean ecosystems by decimating key conservation protections offered by existing laws. Coupled with harmful actions from the Executive Branch, our ocean faces threats from some in Washington who are more concerned with lining the pockets of a few oil and gas industry executives than with the health of our ocean and coastal communities.

Winter Home of Maine Puffins Revealed
by Conservation Law Foundation

This piece was originally posted on It is reproduced here with the author’s permission.  By Stephen Kress Surprising migration takes puffins north to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and then south to underwater “coral canyons and seamounts” and Cashes Ledge off New England Until this summer, the winter home of Maine puffins was largely…

LePage Stands on the Wrong Side of History with Monument Opposition
by Sean Mahoney

The Obama Administration is currently considering a proposal to permanently protect key areas of New England’s ocean as the first Marine National Monuments in the Atlantic, including three deep sea canyons and four sea mountains at the southern edge of Georges Bank. CLF is continuing to urge the administration to include the area between Cashes Ledge and…

Dive in on Cashes Ledge 2.0
by Allison Lorenc

Our dive team is back. Over the next two weeks the team will return to the Gulf of Maine and Cashes Ledge to explore more of New England’s beautiful ocean and marine life! This year from June 1 to June 14, onboard the R/V Tioga, the team will travel the 100 miles off the coast to Cashes Ledge, an underwater mountain range in the center of the Gulf of Maine that rises to within 40 feet of the surface.

Providing Ocean Beauty, Health, and Wealth Demands NOAA Leadership
by Sean Cosgrove

Cod swim through the kelp forest on Cashes Ledge   The beauty, health, and wealth provided by the productivity of New England’s ocean is illustrated in the diversity of ocean and coastal habitat found in the Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank, southern New England waters, and the far edge of the Outer Continental Shelf. New…