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CLF, PEER Call for Immediate Pause on Use of PFAS-Laden Pesticides

“Millions of acres across New England are being blanketed with toxic forever chemicals,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “It is all but certain that dangerous PFAS are leaching into groundwater and threatening to poison communities that depend on that water to drink. Leaders across New England need to step up and protect public health by stopping the use of PFAS-laden pesticides until we’re certain they aren’t poisoning our food and water.”

Bee Protection on the Table in Massachusetts
by Annie Lemelin

The dramatic decline in pollinator populations linked to the overuse of a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids is putting our food supply at risk. Massachusetts must take action to restrict neonics and protect pollinators. Two bills under consideration by the legislature present good options for managing these challenges.

Golfing Green on the Seacoast
by Peter Wellenberger

At the Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club in North Hampton, maintaining grass is a science. And that’s a very good thing. Did you know there are six golf courses in just the Winnicut River watershed alone?  And that’s just one small portion of the estuary. It should come as no surprise that fertilizer is considered one of…