Public Transportation

The Most Important Thing You Will Read Today – The Clearest Statement on Climate Science From the Most Definitive Source
by Seth Kaplan

You just can’t find a more solid, conservative, reliable and grounded group than the American Geophysical Union.  Since 1919 the AGU has been the hub of the physical sciences in the United States providing a gathering place and information exchange for earth, air and space scientists and then communicating carefully reviewed scientific information to the…

Improving Travel – Post Circ Highway
by Sandy Levine

Vermont keeps working on better ways for people and goods to get where they need to go. The threats from climate change and the high cost of maintaining our travel ways mean we need to be smarter and greener. In 2011 Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin announced that the Circ Highway – an expensive, polluting and…

Not Much Fat in the Governor’s “Ambitious” Transportation Funding Plan
by Rafael Mares

My son’s third grade class is looking for “juicy” adjectives, and I found one.  Again and again, journalists are describing the Massachusetts Governor’s 21st Century Transportation Plan, which proposes to raise revenue for our chronically underfunded transportation system, as “ambitious.” Not the kind of “ambitious” your mother admired in you when you were a college student, but the…

Expanding Transit Options in a Rural State: An Update From Maine
by Malcolm Burson

  Let’s face it: population density is a critical factor in any decision to provide transit services. In CLF’s “northern tier” states, where dense populations are limited to a few metropolitan areas, transportation options like bus services  have been slow to develop, leaving people to drive. In asking for directions from one place to another,…

No More Superhighways: MassDOT Driving Bike & Transit Increases
by Ivria Glass Fried

On Tuesday the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) announced plans of tripling the share of travel by modes other than automobiles by 2030. Known in the transportation industry as “mode shift goals,” Massachusetts is one of the first states to unfold such a plan, as far as we know, Rhode Island is the only other…

Feeling crowded on the MBTA? It’s not just you.
by Emily Long

“Watch the doors. Doors are closing. There is more service immediately behind this train. Please wait for the next train. Doors are closing.”

I find I am hearing this message more and more on the MBTA. So when the transit agency announced yesterday that average weekday ridership topped 400 million trips in FY2012, setting a new record, I was not the least bit surprised.