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Even the Red Line is a green line
by Rafael Mares

In his column in yesterday’s Boston Globe, Harvard economics professor Edward Glaeser illustrates that densely developed cities are better for the environment than leafy suburbs.

Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST) Submits Bill Request to 125th Legislature
by Claire Morgenstern

The Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST), a statewide coalition of which CLF is a member, has submitted a proposal to increase commuter transit options, reduce household expenditures on gasoline and diesel, increase employment opportunities and productivity and reduce government expenditures by expanding the routes of the highly-successful ZOOM Turnpike Express bus services along the Maine Turnpike corridor. The program would also establish a fund for the improved maintenance of Maine’s roadways.

State Support for Electric Vehicles Gets The Green Light- But The Work’s Not Done
by Shanna Cleveland

Tomorrow, the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Ian Bowles, will announce new state support for electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support them.  This is great news for the environment and the economy. Electric vehicles are a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful…

Taking the “T” to the Next Level: Solutions for Funding Boston’s Public Transit System
by Conservation Law Foundation

Taking the “T” to the Next Level: Solutions for Funding Boston’s Public Transit System Remarks by James A. Aloisi, Jr. Former Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Discussion to Follow Wednesday, February 24, 2010 8:00 AM – Welcome Breakfast 8:30 AM – Presentation begins Federal Reserve Building 600 Atlantic Avenue Boston, MA 02210 NOTE: you must present photo…