Feb 10, 2020

Supporting a Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act

Vermont’s legislature hit the ground running this year. Lawmakers are taking up critical bills to tackle climate change – bills that put the state on a path to slash polluting emissions while making sure rural communities and hardworking Vermonters prosper.

Greta Thunberg outside the Swedish parliament. Photo by Anders Hellberg
Oct 04, 2018

Landmark Law Leads to Climate Victory in Massachusetts

CLF dismissed three appeals challenging the permits for two new gas-fired power plants after Massachusetts’ highest court reaffirmed that lowering climate-damaging emissions is the law of the land in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth took another step towards lowering its climate-damaging emissions
Jun 08, 2018

What Is Net Metering?

Strong net metering policies are a critical step on our path towards a local, clean energy future.

net metering on solar panels in Maine