Sep 21, 2020

What Is a Renewable Portfolio Standard?

A Renewable Portfolio Standard is a way for states to ensure their electric utilities – and by extension, the states themselves – are making progress on clean energy. The best policies heavily emphasize clean renewables like wind and solar.

A Renewable Portfolio Standard helps boost jobs in the clean energy industry
Feb 12, 2020

Why New England Needs More Solar Energy

From more severe storms to prolonged heat waves, climate change is here and it’s happening now. Luckily, clean energy solutions like solar panels can help both our planet and our economy.

solar energy is an important part of a clean energy economy
Jun 14, 2019

Help Overturn Governor Sununu’s Clean Energy Veto

Governor Sununu recently vetoed a critical clean energy bill that will boost solar power and help control energy costs in New Hampshire. Legislators now have an important opportunity to override this veto and ensure this key bill becomes law.

New Hampshire Statehouse
Dec 05, 2018

New Governor Could Make Maine a Climate Leader

With the election of Attorney General Janet Mills, Maine has the chance to reverse the harmful LePage administration anti-environment policies and commit to a broad framework for tackling climate change.

Maine is poised to act on climate
Jun 08, 2018

What Is Net Metering?

Strong net metering policies are a critical step on our path towards a local, clean energy future.

net metering on solar panels in Maine