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Cap on T Fare Hikes is Lowered

… Advocates for more public transportation cheered the governor’s approval of the Legislature’s language. “There’s been a lot of confusion over many years about how fares can go up, and this will give us clarity,” said Rafael Mares, a vice president of the Conservation Law Foundation. “This is such an important change that it would…

Help Keep New Hampshire on Track
by Tom Irwin

It’s unfortunate that days after the State of the Union Address, in which President Obama emphasized the value of building a high speed rail network for the nation, New Hampshire’s legislature will be considering a bill that could send the Granite State off the rails.

Trans-frustration: One Boston native’s experience on public transit
by Tiffany Egbuonu

As I sit on the crowded 32 bus for my usual 50-minute-plus journey to get to work, I find myself wondering why no one seems to care that people who ride these buses regularly have to squeeze together as if trying to fit into a human sardine can. The 32, which is almost always packed,…