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TAKE ACTION: Defend the Beach!
by Claire Morgenstern

With the record setting temperatures this past July, thousands of New Englanders decided to make their escape to the beach. Unfortunately, these relief-seekers were met with an unpleasant surprise: many found that their favorite spot was closed due to high pollution levels.

Shark Week Series: Risk and Fear
by Robin Just

Many rational people are very afraid of sharks. We can tell ourselves that the odds of attack are extremely low, especially in New England, but the primal image of the gaping maw and jagged teeth is hard to drive away with logic.

Best (and Worst) of the Beaches
by Cynthia Liebman

It’s July 4. As you head out to your favorite swimming spot, consider this: While New England is home to many clean, scenic beaches, the sad truth is that hundreds of beach closures occurred in 2010 across the New England states.

MassHighway finally starts to clean up its act—and our waterways
by Emily Long

On April 14 U.S. District Court Judge William G. Young issued a final judgment in CLF’s favor in our suit against the MassHighway Department, bringing to a close nearly five years of litigation to push the department to manage stormwater runoff from state roads that was polluting nearby waterbodies.