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This Week on – August 6 – 10

Leah Fine

August 7 – Brooklyn’s Mermaid’s Garden tells us what it’s like to run a CSFBianca Piccillo and Mark Usewicz are the presidents of Mermaid’s Garden, a Brooklyn, NY based community supported fishery (CSF) and sustainable seafood consulting organization.

August 10 – More Congressional Fisheries Misdirection – Despite its caption, the “Transparent and Science-Based Fishery Management Act of 2012,” H.R. 6350, introduced by U.S. Representative John Runyun of New Jersey just hours before Congress adjourned for summer recess on August 2nd is a misguided piece of legislation.

August 10 – Fish Talk in the News – Friday, August 10 – This week in Fish Talk in the News: U.S. district court demands stricter regulations for Atlantic river herring; a NOAA workshop on catch per unit effort and landings per unit effort; new low-interest loans for small-scale fishermen; congressional delegates express concern over menhaden stock assessments; sustainable seafood is also the healthiest seafood; sustainable Maine squid grow in popularity; the Out of the Blue program to promote underutilized local seafood wraps up; and the Maine lobster glut causes protests in Canada.

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