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December 14 – A Call for Protections – The Gulf of Maine is warming fast — faster than almost any other ocean area in the world. To say this is alarm­ing is an understatement, and action is needed today to permanently protect large areas of the ocean, which scientists say is one of the best buffers against the disastrous effects of climate change. To that end, a diverse group of ma­rine-oriented businesses, hundreds of marine scientists, aquaria, conservation organizations and members of the public are calling on the Obama administration to designate the Cashes Ledge Closed Area and the New England Coral Can­yons and Seamounts as the first Marine National Monuments in the Atlantic. Protecting Ocean Ecosystems, by Peter Shelley (originally published in National Fisherman).

December 15 – Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, December 15 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, 195 countries sign a global climate agreement; some Gulf of Maine shrimp will be available through a research program; the Atlantic commercial shark fishery opens January 1; GARFO says the Atlantic herring Exempted Fishing Permit needs further consideration; and NEFMC increases the days at sea for the 2016 scallop fishery. In the News, by Talking Fish.

December 18 – Fish Talk in the News – Friday, December 18 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, global fish stocks are declining due to climate change; ocean acidification impacts migration of baby fish; NOAA’s fish models are insufficient; ropes that break more easily can help save whales; GMRI receives federal money to study fishing communities’ vulnerability to climate change; NOAA is using old whaling logbooks to study climate change; local fishermen say dogfish is a good alternative to cod; researchers are trying to raise funds to build a deepwater mussel farm; and the Fishing Communities Coalition submitted a letter objecting to using the Omnibus Appropriations bill to amend the Magnuson-Stevens Act. In the News, by Talking Fish.

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