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This Week on – December 21-25

December 22 – A ‘Genuis’ Fisherman’s Idea for a Cod Comeback – This latest piece in the Pew Charitable Trust series on the Magnuson-Stevens Act 40th anniversary features Maine fisherman and MacArthur “Genius” Ted Ames. His work to better understand the ecological history of cod shows a potential path to a recovery for the fishery by better managing the forage fish they depended on in the past. New England Fisheries, by Peter Baker.

December 22 – Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, December 22 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, new research on discard mortality rates; Congress says FDA must develop a plan to label GMO salmon; Massachusetts governor and congress members ask for funding for fishermen safety program; regulators need Maine fishermen to catch shrimp; and Maine farms satisfy desires of oyster lovers and help the ocean. In the News, by Talking Fish.

December 23 – Exploring for Oil Off Nova Scotia Threatens Ocean Wildlife and Our Coastal Economy – Earlier this month, Nova Scotia’s government granted final approval to a Norwegian energy company, Statoil, to begin offshore oil exploration just east of Georges Bank, off the coast of the province’s Scotian Shelf. This exploratory lease area is in addition to two others, owned by Shell Canada and BP Canada, which also have permission to begin the process of testing for oil. These new leases near Georges Bank are too close for comfort. Protecting Ocean Ecosystems, cross-post by Talking Fish.

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