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Last Week on – November 2-6

November 3 – Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, November 3 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, the inshore Gulf of Maine herring fishery is closed; heavy rain forces shut down of coastal shellfishing; Maine ranked second in value of commercial fishing landings; Gloucester Daily Times reports on Gloucester value and landing statistics; Maine business owners discuss the challenges and opportunities they face with climate change; and a New Bedford seafood company files for chapter 11 bankruptcy. In the News, by Talking Fish.

November 3 – Baked Cod – The Path Forward in an Era of Climate Change – Last week’s Science paper on the impacts of rapidly increasing ocean temperatures on cod’s reduced productivity and its long-term rebuilding potential in New England was sobering. It confirmed both the theoretical predictions associated with climate change and the recent scientific federal, state, and Canadian trawl surveys that caught incredibly few cod. New England Fisheries, by Peter Shelley.

November 4 – This Whale of a Photo Says a lot about Keeping Oceans Healthy – The return of that whale, nicknamed “Rockaway Jerry,” and dozens of other whales to New York’s waters is partly due to smarter management of our ocean resources. It’s a success story that we would like to see a lot more of, as we seek to modernize the nation’s principal ocean fishery management law to take the needs of whales like Rockaway Jerry into account. Protecting Ocean Ecosystems, by Peter Baker.

November 6 – Fish Talk in the News – Friday, November 6 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, Bangor Daily News says we need more ocean monitoring; NEFMC responds to Science paper on Gulf of Maine warming and cod productivity; ASMFC elects Douglas Grout as new chairman; ASMFC considers changes to Jonah crab incidental bycatch limits; NEFMC seeks candidates for Scientific and Statistical Committee; and a White House committee identifies 16 seafood species ‘at-risk’ of IUU fishing and fraud. In the News, by Talking Fish.

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