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This Week on – November 23-27

November 24 – Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, November 24 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, Science Magazine publishes a special oceans issue; NOAA Fisheries releases a draft Action Plan for Fish Discard and Release Mortality Science; SmartCatch develops a camera to look inside fishing nets; a Gloucester-based seafood processing company owner is indicted for not paying taxes; and scientists research using soy-based food to feed farm-raised fish. In the News, by Talking Fish.

November 25 – Thanksgiving Eel: A Fish to be Thankful For – Around this time of year, people are eagerly thinking about the food that they will prepare for their Thanksgiving Day feast. While turkey has become the contemporary centerpiece of the holiday meal, it may be surprising to know that originally, a fish was served as one of the main dishes. New England Fisheries, by Catherine Morse.

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