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This Week on – October 12-16

October 13 – Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, October 13 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, Maine lobster go for $4 per pound; global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse; marine researchers defend deep-sea bottom trawling study; U.S. representatives meet with NOAA officials about at-sea monitoring; Douglas Christel named conduit to state and federal fishery officials; and three theories on why baby lobster populations are disappearing. In the News, by Talking Fish.

October 15 – Ocean Planning 101 – If you haven’t been plugged into the process, the term “ocean planning” can, for lack of a better term, confuse more than clarify. For those newbies out there passionate about the health of our oceans (you, I bet!) but confused about what ocean planning means for New England, consider this post your “Ocean Planning 101” crash course. Solutions and Innovations, cross-post by Talking Fish.

October 16 – Fish Talk in the News – Friday, October 16 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, chief scientists urge improved monitoring of ocean acidification; Maine lobstermen oppose proposed dredge project; a Gloucester resident proposes a “fish bill”; the 15th annual Wellfleet OysterFest is this weekend; a researcher develops a better way to avoid shellfish poisoning; and the Marine Stewardship Council celebrates 15 years of sustainable seafood. In the News, by Talking Fish.

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