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This Week on – October 26-30

October 27 – Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, October 27 – Climate change steals the show in this edition of Fish Talk in the News. Read about the first three parts of the Portland Press Herald’s new series, Mayday: Gulf of Maine in Distress, as well as how scientists verify satellite data tracking temperature changes in the Gulf of Maine. In the News, by Talking Fish.

October 29 – National Seafood Month: The Power of the Local Consumer – We hear a lot about sustainable seafood in New England, but what does it really mean, and how can we, as consumers (and seafood lovers), impact the future of the fishing industry – all the while eating more healthy fish? New England Fisheries, cross-post by Talking Fish.

October 30 – Science Links Ocean Warming to Gulf of Maine Cod Fishery Collapse – The Gulf of Maine has been hit with a double whammy – declining Atlantic cod stocks and ocean warming – and a new study published Thursday in Science definitively links the two. The paper is already receiving headlines and has major implications for how we manage our fisheries. New England Fisheries, by Talking Fish.

October 30 – Fish Talk in the News – Friday, October 30 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, a new study links declining cod stocks and ocean warming; NOAA Fisheries publishes annual report on national seafood landings and value; warmer waters benefit invasive species; ocean acidification impacts Maine’s shellfish; more can be done to combat climate change in the region; Canadian cod makes a comeback; NOAA Administrator visits New England; and a free lecture series on the whaling industry and conservation begins next week. In the News, by Talking Fish.

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