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Your Voice Needed to Support Rooftop Solar in New Hampshire

Melissa Birchard

The Public Utilities Commission currently holds the future of rooftop solar in New Hampshire in its hands. Entrenched interests in New Hampshire are fighting the burgeoning growth of rooftop solar in the state. But CLF knows that rooftop solar powers homes and supports the electric grid. Even more importantly, it empowers the fight against climate change.

On Monday, October 24, CLF filed testimony with the Public Utilities Commission in support of continuing net metering and a strong future for clean energy across New Hampshire. And we hope you’ll file comments with the Public Utilities Commission too – anyone can do it!

Net metering is how New Hampshire residents with solar panels are reimbursed for the electricity that they produce and put back into the grid. CLF is working to get the message out that clean, (literally) homegrown energy is a win-win for all electric consumers in New Hampshire, including those of us who don’t have the up-front cash or the space for our own solar panels. Rooftop solar is a key part of the clean energy revolution, and will help us fight the worst impacts of climate change – and net metering is a key part of adding more solar power to our grid.

Climate change is already impacting our state – it’s helping to put New Hampshire’s historic dairies out of business, drying up our farms, depleting our wells, and threatening our children’s futures and the future of our majestic landscapes.

Speak out to support rooftop solar and other clean energy in New Hampshire. Anyone can submit comments to the Public Utilities Commission by sending a letter to:
Debra A. Howland, Executive Director
New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
Re: Docket No. DE 16-576
21 S. Fruit St., Suite 10
Concord, NH 03301

Please tell the Commission that net metering benefits all electric customers and helps to preserve our New Hampshire way of life – while keeping us moving forward into a healthy, clean energy future. It helps us avoid dirty energy projects and scarring transmission lines, and empowers families to take control of their energy – and climate – futures. New Hampshire continues to lag behind other states when it comes to how much solar energy powers our homes and businesses, but it doesn’t have to!

File your comments now. The Public Utilities Commission will be making a final decision on whether or not to continue net metering early next year. To be clear, it isn’t just raising the net metering cap that’s at stake – it’s the whole program! Act now to save rooftop solar.

You can read CLF’s initial testimony here.

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