A Call to Action to Make Great Bay Estuary GREAT Again!

Jeff Barnum

Great Bay Estuary

Get involved and help make Great Bay Estuary great again.

Help Wanted – Clean Water Advocates for a Healthy Great Bay

Looking for rewarding work that pays low wages (actually zero wages)? If so, I hope you’ll join our growing team of Great Bay Clean Water Advocates. We’re looking for folks from across the Seacoast and southern Maine who want to secure the health of our Great Bay estuary – now, and for future generations.

Right now, as beautiful as it is, our estuary is suffering from pollution. You can help.

Activism is essential to change. Great Bay will never be “great” again unless more folks are willing to help in very specific ways: helping turn out voters when necessary; writing a letter to the editor; stamping a few envelopes; phoning a friend. This is a call to action, so please join others in helping our Great Bay estuary. Just sign up online and I will be in touch. Or, if you don’t have time to register online, just let me know you’re interested by calling 603-770-3201.

I have already planned a gathering of our Clean Water Advocates group for Wednesday evening, January 29, 2014, at 7 pm in the function room of the Roundabout Diner at the Portsmouth Circle in Portsmouth. We’ll meet to discuss the challenges facing the Great Bay estuary, and ways concerned local citizens can help. I look forward to meeting new people and learning your ideas! Dessert and refreshments are on me. See you there!

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