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This Week on – June 16-20

Leah Fine

June 16 – When the Herring Fleet Takes More than Just Herring – The New England Fishery Management Council will take up an emergency request from the Atlantic herring industry this week regarding limits on the amount of bycatch, or non-target species, the herring trawlers should be allowed. The council action comes as the herring fleet is attracting media scrutiny for the amount of sea life that ends up in their nets other than Atlantic herring.

June 17 – New England’s Fishing Pathology – The industrial herring fleet recently overshot its quota for the herring management area 1B by some 60%. Sixty percent! That is like driving 104 mph in a 65 mph speed zone. This incident—and particularly the herring fleet’s response to it—are symptomatic of a deeper pathology in some of New England’s fisheries that should not be allowed to just fade away as another bad memory of a poorly managed fishery.

June 20 – Fish Talk in the News – Friday, June 20 – In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, the NEFMC maintains the current haddock catch cap for the herring industry; John Kerry’s oceans conference coincides with two executive actions by President Obama; a herring quota overage will affect other marine life, too; the Washington Post highlights successes in forage fish conservation; an editorial calls for more cooperative fisheries research; Capt. John McMurray says striped bass are a cautionary tale for what could happen with more flexibility in federal fisheries management; the NEFMC continues work on its Omnibus Habitat Amendment; the City of New Bedford releases a plan for groundfish industry revitalization.

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