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This Week on – September 23-27

Leah Fine

September 24 – Don’t Let River Herring (and Tax Dollars) Get Lost At Sea – Fisheries managers in New England and the mid-Atlantic have a chance to protect river herring and safeguard the public investment of millions of restoration dollars. The fishery management councils for these two regions are set to vote on measures to control the number of these important but imperiled fish that are killed needlessly at sea.

September 26 – National Estuaries Week: A Call to Action – Natural Estuaries Week is a celebration of our coastal resources, but it must also be a call to action. Without broader public support for policies to restore estuaries and without more pressure on our Congressional leaders to fund these programs, our estuaries and the businesses, communities, and wildlife they support are at risk.

September 27 – Another One Bites the Dust? – Georges Bank yellowtail was once one of the major species sustaining the New Bedford fleet. Caution should have led managers to consider closing this fishery and closing the areas supporting the remnant yellowtail breeding populations. That apparently was not even on the table.

September 27 – Fish Talk in the News – Friday, September 27 – In this week’s Fish Talk in the News, the Council makes decisions on Georges Bank yellowtail and river herring bycatch; an feature on ocean acidification highlights its potential to cause serious harm to marine life; several articles focus on changes in fish distribution due to rising sea temperatures; UMass Dartmouth creates a new fisheries research fund; the Massachusetts Port Authority focuses on revitalizing the Fish Pier; Capt. John McMurray supports rebuilding deadlines for overfished stocks.

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