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You’re Fired! – I Quit!

Sandy Levine

Entergy-VYThe owners of the troubled Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant chose to “quit” before they were “fired.”

The recent regulatory decision by the Vermont Public Service Board highlights the long and troubled history that led most Vermonters to completely lose faith in the owner’s ability to responsibly manage the plant.

In stark terms the Board recognized that the “sustained record of misconduct has been troubling to observe over the years.”  Specifically, the Board stated:

“In its twelve years of operating in Vermont, Entergy VY has failed to comply with numerous Board orders and statutory requirements. It has failed to follow procedural requirements that protect the integrity of Board proceedings. The Company has engaged in unacceptable conduct that erodes public trust and confidence in its capacity to act in good faith and to engage in fair dealing; an investigative report prepared by Vermont’s Attorney General concluded that Entergy VY  ‘repeatedly misled State officials with direct misstatements and repeatedly failed to clarity misperceptions.’” (emphasis added).

This bad track record was on display throughout years of regulatory review. Seeing the writing the wall, it is no surprise then that Entergy chose to “quit” before being “fired.”

The Board’s decision allows for a winding down of Vermont Yankee’s operations with its closure within a year. The agreement approved by the Board does not provide much additional value for Vermont, but when the bad egg you were going to fire “quits,” you’ve already won.

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