You’re Invited to the 2009 State of the Estuaries Conference.

greatbayA highly sensitive ecological and recreational treasure, the Great Bay Estuary is one of New Hampshire’s most important natural resources. Its rivers and bays provide a nursery for lobster, crab and fish. They are food and habitat for a wide variety of birds. And they provide countless recreational opportunities from fishing to kayaking and boating.

Unfortunately, the health of the Great Bay Estuary is in jeopardy from rising levels of nutrient pollution, inadequate sewage treatment, harmful stormwater runoff from parking lots and other paved surfaces, and sprawling development. To learn more about CLF’s work with the Great Bay Estuary, click here.

We’re thrilled to extend to you an invitation for the 2009 State of the Estuaries Conference:

October 16, 2009
the Great Bay Gallery
Somersworth, NH

Highlighting the “2009 State of the Estuaries Report,” this conference will feature up-to-date information on environmental indicators for the region’s coastal watersheds. Session topics include climate change and adaptation, watershed restoration, nutrient management, fisheries conservation, and innovative approaches for land use planning. To see the agenda, list of registrants, and register online for this conference, click here.

Registration deadline is October 12.

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