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Volume 20

In this issue
  • Kayakers Clean Up Great Bay
  • Will the Great Bay Ecosystem Rebound?
  • Faces of Great Bay: Molly McGovern

Volume 19

In this issue
  • Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper Vessel Launched for 2016!
  • Video: How Nitrogen Enters the Great Bay Estuary
  • Progress on Newmarket’s Sewage Treatment Plant Means Clean Water Ahead

Volume 18


In this issue
  • Kudos to Exeter – A Victory for Clean Water
  • Another Critical Seacoast Vote for Clean Water
  • Faces of Great Bay: Laura Byergo

Volume 17


In this issue
  • New Hampshire Oil Spill Practice Deployment
  • Exeter Forges Ahead on the Fertilizer Front
  • Faces of Great Bay: Great Bay Marine

Volume 16

In this issue
  • Great Bay is Cleaner Today
  • Nitrogen Reductions Around Great Bay
  • Faces of Great Bay: Chris Nash

Volume 15

In this issue
  • EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!
  • Local Engagement, Local Waters
  • Faces of Great Bay: Newick’s at Dover Point

Volume 14

In this issue
  • In Exeter, Another Vote for Clean Water
  • A Healthy Approach to Lawn Care
  • Faces of Great Bay: Mitch Kalter

Volume 13

Wetland buffers along Epping Road and Colcord Pond in Exeter may be reduced to accommodate development. Credit: Google Earth

In this issue
  • Protecting Wetlands, Protecting Water Quality in Exeter
  • Clean Water Advocates are Onboard for the Great Bay Estuary
  • Faces of Great Bay: Capt. Mark Drummond

Volume 12


In this issue
  • On the Water
  • Another Reason to Protect Eelgrass: Carbon Storage
  • Faces of Great Bay: The New Hampshire Oil Spill Response Team

Volume 11

In this issue
  • On the Water with the New Waterkeeper Vessel
  • Goodbye to Grimmel
  • Ending Fertilizer Frenzy
  • Faces of Great Bay: Scott Eldredge

Volume 10


In this issue
  • Exeter Residents: Vote for Clean Water
  • Clean Water Advocates Meet
  • Faces of Great Bay: David O’Hearn
  • More Great Reads to Help You Appreciate Great Bay

Volume 9


In this issue
  • Help Wanted: “Clean Water Advocates” for Great Bay
  • Waterkeeper Report: Environmental Appeals Board Upholds Clean Water Act Permit, and more
  • Great Reads to Help You Appreciate Great Bay
  • Faces of Great Bay: Ray Konisky

Volume 8


In this issue
  • Keeping Up the Good Work on Great Bay
  • Success for Great Bay Estuary, But More Progress is Needed at Grimmel Industries Site
  • Can Great Bay Oysters be Saved for a Healthier Estuary?
  • An Update on Sewage Treatment Plants in the Great Bay Estuary
  • Guest Spotlight: Fred Short

Volume 7


In this issue
  • Newmarket Votes to Clean Up the Estuary
  • The Decline of Rainbow Smelt
  • Golfing Green in the Seacoast
  • Faces of Great Bay: Bill Stewart

Volume 6


In this issue
  • Where Have all the Fish Gone?
  • Dover and Rochester Jeopardize Great Bay’s Recovery
  • Exeter Agrees to Major Pollution Reductions
  • The Faces of Great Bay: Brian Giles