Boston Harbor Threatened Once Again

Boston Harbor is a vital resource that must be protected from greedy developers and a changing climate. The City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must ensure that new development protects the public trust, safeguards against climate change, and enhances the community.

CLF in Action

Boston Harbor is the pride of Boston, loved by residents and visitors alike, something that was hard to imagine in 1983 when CLF began our fight to clean the Harbor’s sewage-filled waters. Over the years, CLF has worked tirelessly to protect the public’s right to access the Harbor as it transformed this blight into a vibrant public resource.

Now the harborfront faces new challenges. In the midst of an unprecedented building boom, state and city leaders are allowing rampant growth to bulldoze thoughtful regulation and block the public from waterfront. At the same time, the sea level is rising and developers are failing to address this massive vulnerability – a failure that could levy a high toll on public health and safety.

So today, Conservation Law Foundation is building on its waterfront legacy. It is moving forward a vision in which the walling off of Boston Harbor is stopped, the public is ensured access to this asset, and developers are constructing climate-resilient structures that advance public health and safety by mitigating rising seas when possible. This vision not only benefits Boston, but can become a model for Massachusetts, New England, and beyond.