Making Polluters Pay

We can’t wait for others to take action on climate change. We can cut carbon pollution now, while building a more vibrant and robust economy, by putting a price on the dirty fuels that damage our climate.

CLF in Action

CLF is partnering with environmental, business, and low-income leaders as part of the Energy Independence Vermont coalition to launch an effort to put a price on carbon pollution and save Vermonters money.

A recent economic study shows that putting a price on carbon, returning 90 percent of the money to Vermonters’ pockets and reinvesting the remaining 10 percent in clean energy solutions, can reduce pollution and grow the Vermont economy.

The Coalition proposes a price on all fossil fuels that would be phased in over 10 years. Tax credits, prebates for low-income families, sales and use tax cuts, and other incentives would offset the cost to all Vermonters.

The Vermont legislature is currently reviewing draft bills and taking testimony to determine the best overall structure for a price on carbon pollution. CLF and our coalition partners are Vermont Public Interest Research Group, Vermont Natural Resources Council, and many business, academic and community interests.