Getting New Clean Tech to Market

Bilge water collects in the hull of ships and must be emptied regularly to maintain ship stability. Because it is often contaminated with oil and grease, bilge water poses a pollution threat in ports and to marine life. Additionally, discharges from ships that travel to different ports around the world contribute to environmental problems by spreading invasive species and water contaminants. This is a major problem, given the growth in international trade and the resulting increase in shipping.

Ensolve Biosystems, Inc., a maritime biotechnology company, developed a proprietary blend of micro-organisms capable of consuming invasive species and contaminants in bilge water. As a small startup company, they did not have the resources to break into the necessary markets. Needing to demonstrate the commercial viability of their new product, EnSolve enlisted the help of CLF Ventures to help them get a seat at the right table.

CLF in Action

CLF Ventures partnered with the Industrial Revolutions LLC investment group to promote Ensolve’s PetroLiminator, an environmentally-sound technology that uses natural biological processes to destroy oil and grease in bilge water. Unlike other systems that merely separate the oil and water, the PetroLiminator’s ability to destroy oil and grease provides a cost-efficient method of meeting industry demands and protecting the environment. This unique system allows ship owners and operators to comply with tough regulatory standards for discharge, which has cost the industry in fines and criminal prosecution.

CLF Ventures is supporting the expansion of the PetroLiminator product in the maritime market. Leveraging our connections and matchmaking acumen, CLF Ventures is securing partners to advance financial investment in Ensolve and increasing Ensolve’s share of the environmental technology market.

We’ve also advised Ensolve on market strategy and identified potential customers for the company, including a major cruise ship company that is successfully using the product. We are also helping them explore other market segments where their technology might beneficial in breaking down contaminants and protecting the environment.