Making the Best Decisions for Communities and the Environment

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), a state agency devoted to accelerating clean energy development and jobs in Massachusetts, needed to deepen its knowledge about the potential for wind projects in local communities, while also better understanding the perceived negative effects. MassCEC engaged CLF Ventures to help them develop and execute a strategy that would reach local leaders who are grappling with these decisions.

CLF in Action

CLF Ventures implemented a two-part strategy to assist MassCEC. First, we developed a primer to address the main questions that most often arise in communities considering wind projects.

Rather than focusing on the details of any one project, Land-based Wind Energy: A Guide to Understanding the Issues and Making Informed Decisions helps local leaders understand the concerns of their constituents and provides guidance on how to involve constituents in the decision making process around land-based wind energy siting. The guide focuses on how to make sense of information about wind energy, provides a literature review in five issue areas including the economics of wind and its impact on property values and wildlife, and includes a section on public engagement in the siting process.

Second, CLF Ventures convened regional peer-to-peer learning sessions in Cape Cod, the Berkshires, and the North Shore to offer town officials and volunteers an opportunity to discuss wind siting and the complicated issues that surround it. The meetings provided participants the opportunity to network with others in the region, identify issues of common concern in siting wind, and brainstorm potential strategies.