Vermonters Deserve Better

The Vermont Gas pipeline has been misguided and mismanaged from the start. It will increase emissions, cut through valuable lands, and cost significantly more than planned. It’s long past time to pull the plug on this destructive, polluting project.

CLF in Action

CLF has fought to protect Vermont from this ill-advised pipeline since it was first introduced. From the start, Vermont Gas’s arguments in its support have been inaccurate and misleading. CLF pushed for a full environmental review of the project to assess its environmental impact, including its effect on emissions, valuable wetlands, and farmlands. Our work has exposed the faulty reasoning behind the proposal – not only will the pipeline lock us into relying on fossil fuels for decades to come, it will increase climate-damaging emissions by more than 3 million tons over 100 years.

Since first  approved, the pipeline’s project costs have nearly doubled and cleaner energy sources have become more readily available. CLF is now leading the fight to have the Vermont Public Services Board run a new review of this failed project. The pipeline’s massive cost overruns are not only bad for consumers, they are also significant changes that require a new evaluation under Vermont law.