Figuring Out What’s Next for a Closed Nuclear Plant

Yankee Atomic Electric Company (YAEC) sought assistance with all non-radiological aspects of decommissioning the 160 MW Yankee Nuclear Power Station along the shores of Sherman Reservoir in Rowe, Massachusetts, including site closure, stakeholder outreach and communications, and property disposition.

CLF in Action

CLF Ventures conceptualized, designed, and launched the environmental site closure effort for the Yankee plant, including a comprehensive Site Closure Plan. Implementation of the Site Closure Plan paralleled the owner’s License Termination under Nuclear Regulatory Commission jurisdiction. As part of this effort, CLF Ventures formed and subcontracted an environmental technical team to develop a site conceptual model, site investigation and remediation plans, and risk assessment and management strategies.

CLF Ventures developed and implemented a comprehensive stakeholder outreach plan and communication strategy that targeted plant neighbors as well as local, state and federal regulators. As part of this effort, CLF Ventures developed a project website and a stakeholder brochure. In addition to working with regulatory and political stakeholders, YAEC expended significant effort to demonstrate commitment to an open process in the community at large.

CLF Ventures also assisted the client with a strategy for disposition of the 1,800-acre property. The disposition outreach effort provided YAEC with an early opportunity to educate community, regulatory, and environmental stakeholders about the criteria that needed to be considered in making a final property disposition decision and provided an opportunity for non-regulatory stakeholders to participate in the process.